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I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?

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I lost a baby in Aug 07 he was a week over due and now I have irregular periods and really sore nipples. I have just had a cycle and my nipples are really sore. I have told my doctor but doesn't seem to want to help but it is starting to do my head in now as they are really sore.
I don't know what else to do??

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My nipples are sore but not my breast am I pregnant

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For me that was a sign of pregancy lol. but could also be a sign of ovulation. Every woman is diffrent, but I would talk to your doctor about it.

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Same problem.
Except they're really itchy as well
I'm obviously not pregnant because I'm 13 and havent had sex.
starting p's again around 2/3july mark. is that why?

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Yeah its normal if it happens around your perid. How old are u?

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Nipples can get sore around the time of your period, if this isn't the case then see your doctor.

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You might be starting your period.

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If you are like me you like to have your nipples sucked on or played with. If so, this makes my nipples sore.

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am 16 and I had sex about febuary time, I have had one period since then but for the past 2 months I have missed them. after I had sex in the febuary time and come off my period I took a pregnacy test and it came back negative and I took the moring after pill... but recently about 3 days ago I started to get really sore nipples only when I touch them tho and am gettin abit worried about it .. has anyone got any suggestions for me ?

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I have the same problem. But mine are also itchy. But I'm obviously not pregnant because I'm only 13. But I don't know why I'm getting it.

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Anytime you get sore or cracked nipples all of a sudden, check for thrush symptoms. Thrush usually causes pain in both sides.

Mastitis or a plugged duct or a milk blister is a possibility, particularly if only one breast/nipple or area of the breast is sore. It's unusual to have mastitis, plugged duct, or a milk blister on both sides at once.

Hormonal changes
Are you ovulating or about to get your period? The hormonal changes at these times can cause sore nipples for a few days. Typically, both sides will be sore. nursing. Some women get relief from the soreness by taking evening primrose oil or a calcium/magnesium supplement.

Any chance of pregnancy? Often the first sign of pregnancy for nursing moms is sore nipples. As with soreness that comes with ovulation or menstruation, both sides will typically be sore since the soreness is caused by hormonal changes.

Are you prone to getting eczema or psoriasis? Either can cause nipple soreness.

Are you using a new soap, laundry detergent, nipple ointment/cream, skin lotion, shampoo, powder, hair spray, perfume or deodorant? An allergic reaction to any of these might cause sore nipples.

Have you been exposed to poison ivy?

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