What's wrong? My nipples are sore to be touched?

My nipples have been very sore the past few days when they are touched. What could be going on? I’m 15 by the way, if that helps.

Other information: A few weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me and he MIGHT have had some of his cum on his hands, we are not sure.

Please help! I’m freaking out with the thought I might be pregnant? Please keep rude comments to yourself.

Answer #1

eh dont worry. if you want you can talk to a doctor or someone older but I dont think anything is in need of worry. that happened to me I just talked to someone im finee im your age.

Answer #2

Hormones, Seriously dont worry at all! I had this, when I was 14, Its 100% hormones Probably, I believe its this, most people get this, dont worry. Im not 100% but if you are very worried, get to a doctor :) X

Answer #3

are they sore or just sinsative

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