Why are my nipples really sore?

okay I dont know why but my nipples are really sore what does that mean?

Answer #1

you will spout wings and fly away…


they are just sore because of the bra you wear… we are not mind readers or magicians we dont know everything

Answer #2

Are you getting your period? They may just be growing. I had a lot of senstivity in my breast in my teenage years. I hate to ask this, but is there anyway you could be Preganant? you are 16 right?

Answer #3

well I didnt need a smart comment it was just a question that I thought you guys could help me with jeez people have to be real a$$holes

Answer #4

yea I’m 16 but I just got off my period about 5 days ago so I dont think I am prego I hope not

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