I have sore breast and nipples...

I have sore breast and nipples. I have already taken a pregnancy test and it came out negative, I even went to the Dr. and negative. at first I thouht I was pregnant but like im irregular I don’t know. I get a lot of pain in my lower stomach and in my breast. I’ve gone to the Dr and they tell me its normal but my nipples even got darker, its been a month already since it started, is it possible for it to be my period or am I pregnant?

Answer #1

It could be your period, but you could be pregnant and it not show up, though doctors blood tests can tell you if you are pregnant within only a few weeks of conception. It could also just be hormones.

Answer #2

did your doctor do a blood test or urine test? Your HCG levels in your urine may not be high enough to spark a positive result. If they did the blood work and still negative you may want to go and see an endocrinologist and have your thyroid tested b/c it can screw with your hormones

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