Smoking and weightloss

I dont want people to give me all this crap on how I shouldnt smoke and its the chemo that will make me loose weight..

I just want a real and concrete answer..
Not that hard..

Does smoking weed, or cigaretts helps you loose weightt?

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sum people say if your smokin then yur not eating.. yeh but your nt smokin 24/7 of the day and your nt eating 24/7 of the day:S I dont know the answer but I have heard that you loose a little bit of weight each ciggaret you ave.. but that is not an excuse for you 2 smoke 50 a day because it still affects urs health.

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smoking is an appetite suppresant (apparently!)...and smoking weed - well, you get the munchies generally, so I doubt that helps weight loss lol!...ummm chocolate brownies

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if your smoking then your not eating...

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No. smoking tobacco or weed will not directly effect your weight. Whether it'll affect your eating habits, well, thats a diff story. It truly depends on your body.

Hope I answered your question


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...some people just shouldnt "amswer" questions

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Yes, ciggerettes help you lose weight, weed doesnt. But it still effects your health

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I know smoking weed gives you munchies, so it does not help you loss weight but if you dont eat while smoking weed does it help you loss weight???/

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I dont know about weed
but weight loss is common in smokers because its hard to eat when you have a cig sticking out of your mouth

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Weed gives you the munchies so bad! Smoking Cigs does suppress my appetite but I think it depends on each individual person

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