Smoking and losing weight

I have heard that smoking can help you loose weight. Is that true? I know that smoking is bad for you but I also know that there is a greater % of people who have smoked their whole lives and are in great health then are that are dying from the effects. So what is the deal? Is it going to help someone loose weight? And please dont answer if you are just on a rampage about not smoking!

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well yeah if you replace food with cigeretes but thats the only way. and that is really bad dont do it because when you are happy with your weight (if you ever are happy with it) you will be addicted.

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come on
do you want lung cancer
there are NO benifits of smoking
none at all
people who are thin tend to not eat, and just smoke
and they are extreemely unhealthy
unfit, and in very poor health
smoking affects everything, from the way you look, the colour of your skin, your insides, and they way you breath, ect
smoking also ages you rapidly
its not the answer to get thin
smoking, and starving yourself will make you weaker, not skinnier
this is not something you should do based on answers like
"omg yes tottally"
this is your HEALTH were talking about
and good health is one of the most important things you have

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It varies from different people. It is known that nicotine does make your appetite go down but not much, most people don't feel any difference, except for their breathing pattern. I used to smoke, and I smoked for a long time, and I am a size 14/16 girl which is average I suppose in UK. But then again look at my boyfriend's mum, she's had 3 kids and is quite big, she has smoked since before her first kid and has not got any where near the same size as me! Proves it doesn't slim people down.

I wouldn't advise you to start smoking, or if you already do, I'm not going to tell you to stop because it's your own right, although you must know the consequences that come with it. I'm lucky at the moment, I used to have high bp from it but its gone down to low bp now however I have a fast heartbeat which can result in an early heart attack. I am only 17 so it's bad lol.

Hope this helps.

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