Why do men find skinny people attractive?

Why do men find skinny people attractive?

Answer #1

How the heck did Jessica Alba come up from that question…? A lot of white boys like skaters emos and all that likes only skinny girls because they’re boney themselves and wouldn’t want to be crushed by big women. Homos.

Answer #2

Some men love bigger women.

Answer #3

lol! thanks everyone! :o)

Answer #4

Not all men like skinny women…Some men actually prefer voluptuous women..

Answer #5

They dont.

Answer #6

I’m female & I think Jessica Alba is Hot lol, not all men love skinny girls, I think most men prefer Curvy than skinny!

Answer #7

I am a very skinny guy myself so like girls to be skinny as well

Answer #8

they dont and its about time you started to realise that every man is different they dont all like the same thing some like skinny, some like overweight, some like curvy, some dont ect never attemt to change your weight to pelase anyone else the only peorson you have to please is yourself youll find a man who likes you for who you are, no matter what your weight is personality is the key because most men would rather be in a relationship with someone who was average looking and intelligent that attracting looking but with the iq of lint

Answer #9

me personally. I am attracted to skinny girls however. not as skinny as paris hilton. and other like her.

I’m more of a jessica alba head turner

Answer #10

also, some guys just find guys instead of girls attractive.

every man is different just like every girl would be different

Answer #11

I like curves. No doubt.

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