do woman find thin men to be attractive

I’m a tall thin man who has always been very self contious about being so thin. I’m 6ft and 160lbs. Do woman find thin men to be attractive?

Answer #1

well, I prefer a skinny man, but not tooo skinny that you can see their bones or anything! yuck!, but I’m skinny too and thats mostly why I like skiny men! lol

Answer #2

All women have different taste in women, the same way women have different taste in men. Some women love skinny men, and some don’t.

Answer #3

Absolutely! I love a guy who’s 6’1” at 140! Don’t beef up, either. Your body is perfect as is. Beefcake just turns to flab later. Stay thin, you’ll look great your whole life.

Answer #4

as long as their fit then who cares :L

Answer #5

I love thin men, I find them really attractive. either I like thin men or men with something to grab onto. I am not into 6 packs that much.

Answer #6

I like tall thin men - I’m rather thin myself and I’ve dated a couple of people skinnier than me. I see nothing wrong with it as long as you’re healthy.

Answer #7

I love thin hispanic men who wear glasses and are educated.with a big foot! size 13 is nice.

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