What. Do Asian men find pale women attractive?

I know that in Japan (and maybe China, I’m not sure haha) geisha’s wear make-up to make them look paler, and all around the world pale skin used to be considered extremely beautiful, but I wanna know, do Asian men still prefer the paler girls over the tan ones? I’m not trying to be racist and I know everything is a matter of preference, but I’ve noticed a lot of Asian guys flirt with me at my school (I’m 14) and really I don’t get flirted with much at all by anyone else. I’m just not really “hot” or “popular” or anything lol. So anyway I’ve heard that Asian men like paler skin, so I was wondering, maybe the reason that they are practically the only guys who flirt with me is because I’m super pale (something everyone else likes to make fun of). I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject and if any Asians could answer this question that’d be great :)

Answer #1

im asian and I dont like pale skin.

Answer #2

haha thee asian who answerdd it mde my dayy as for w.e whoo knoeess!

Answer #3

I’m have very tan skin , I’m from m’sia ,and yeah , the don’t like them , they’re racist.

Answer #4

Neutrogena has made a fortune selling bleach to chinese women,aisans flirt with me too.

Answer #5

I’m sure they do. If I were a guy I’d most likely prefer paler skin over really tan skin. Pale skin can be very pretty. So my guess is they do find it attractive. But every guy is different so you never know

Answer #6

I’m not Asian, but I really like the fairest skin possible. In Medieval times, Princesses of fair skin were often the most sought after. It’s also just a personal preference. :-) But hey! Nothing wrong with them finding you attractive, right?

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