Who has heard of a ghost following you home after ghost hunting?

I have heard that it is possible for a ghost to follow you home after you have gone ghost hunting. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Answer #1

yeah its possible as ‘Kuroitama’ said, they can attach themselves to you. If you wanna go ‘hunting’ a ghost I suggest you protect yourself. But remember, just because you want to see them doesnt mean they’ll just appear to you. Spirits choose whether or not to make themselves apparent. Good luck… =)

Answer #2

If you contact spirits (in any form) without cleansing before and after it is very much possible for a spirit or entity to attach itself to your aura (field of energy surounding every human being) and as such “follow you home.”

I might suggest before doing anything involving spirits that you cleanse yourself with sage before and after.

Answer #3

ghost are not anything to be scared of they are just spirits or demons

Answer #4

thats scary;

bt I’ve hear it happen go sumbOty bt they wusnt qhOst hunting;

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