Should McCain be held accountable for the nonsense of John Hagee...

… in the same way some would hold Obama responsible for the tripe his pastor has said?

Hagee has said that Jews have dead souls, and that God’s purpose for the holocaust was to send the Jews back to the land of Israel.

Answer #1

in my opinion, I don’t think there’s any comparison, cursing God’s name - especially from the pulpit - ‘God-Dmn America’ - repeatedly shouting it at the top of his voice !

Answer #2

If you look at Wright’s speach in its full context, I see nothing really wrong with what he said. Is it inflamatory? Sure, it was meant to be. I personally could care less that he said goddamn america. I would probably say it too if I was black man in this country.

But mjax is absolutely right. Neither pastor should be relavant, other than the double standard Old Man McCoot receives.

Answer #3

Neither of these zealot pastors are relevant in this election, but if the media is going to obsess about Wright, it’s a double-standard to not to the same for Hagee.

But amblessed’s comments demonstrate why this double-standard exists. Hagee’s talking about the Jews…who cares? Wright had the audacity to criticize mainstream white America. And that’s all that matters, right?

Seriously, while his remarks are absurd, Hagee’s are equally deserving of media scorn.

Answer #4

Both comments are despicable if they were said as people have quoted them. It’s scary that any pastor could stray so far from the message of Jesus. It’s also scary that any aspiring politician will have to watch her or his pastor closely, so as not to become tainted by their extreme views. Pastors should represent Jesus, first and foremost, and then their congregation. So we are all tainted by them if instead they choose to adopt extreme political views.

One question about the second part of Hagee’s comments: Could he have meant that God was able to bring good (a return home) from extreme evil (the Holocaust)? If so, perhaps that is a less extreme view, and one that shouldn’t particularly offend, I think.

Answer #5

I agree with amblessed… the jewish faith doesn’t deserve respect… especially from a christain pastor.

saying “god damn america” is much worse than saying that jews have dead souls…

oh wait, it’s not! get off your high horse amblessed.

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