Is John McCain disabled or not?

I just read that John McCain is considered 100% disabled by the VA and receives $58,000/year in disability. McCain has assured voters that he is fit enough to hike the Grand Canyon.

So which is it. Is he disabled or not?

Also, isn’t this the same John McCain who voted against additional VA benefits for other soldiers because they were “too generous?” Is receiving full disability in spite of being in robust health generous or not?

Answer #1

what is his disability supposidly?

Answer #2

Searched - all I found was he can’t raise his arms above his head - still searching.

Answer #3

I think he is technically disabled due to the torture he went through in nam

maybe its his age? yeah so what was he said to have had

is it post-traumatic?

Answer #4

Well, this is a good question… According to the military my son is now over 70% disabled…He was on a wilderness search and rescue team in colorado before he enlisted…Now he can’t hike at all, his left arm can’t lift any weight, his knees are both blown with two replacements that didn’t help much, and he lost most of the muscle in his left chest wall… His disability check was just raised to $495/mth… The fact that McCain voted against increasing VA benefits is just one reason I won’t vote for him. My son should be so fortunate to be able to hike to the end of the block, much less the Grand Canyon…

Answer #5

He has certain physical disabilities due to the torture he received in Viet Nam, but nothing that would prevent him from being president. I have never heard he recieves VA benfits for it. It is true, he has been opposed to every single bill put forth that would increase veterans benefits. For that I think he is a disgrace to the the uniform he once proudly war, and if he can’t see that our veterans deserve a lot more than they are getting right now, than he is also unfit to be commander in chief.

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