Barrack Obama or John McCain?

Just Wondering,Who’s In You favor?

Answer #1

Obama is a muslum.

No… he isn’t…

with obama it will go down faster… he doesn’t want us to be able to portect ourselves in our own homes so if someone trys to kill you your stuck cause he wants to take away the privilage of home securtity and protecting yourself

No… he doesn’t…

Answer #2

I hate when people say “either way the country is going down!”

hahah, right… And Soccerbabe you definitely made my day with that stupid comment.

I swear, “you people”.

Answer #3

I have already voted early for Obama.

Anyone who is still talking about Obama being a Muslim is either ignorant or deliberately lying about it. All of you Christians who say such a thing are insulting our Lord. Who are you to question the salvation of another of his servants?!

Answer #4

ok, I’ll tell you the truth…I do want obama to win. I guess people are trying to talk me out of him.

Answer #5

Obama. enough said.

Answer #6

I Want Obama To Win!!!

Answer #7

Obama :)

Answer #8

OBAMA all da way [smilez]

Answer #9

John McCain is in my favor cause im middle class

Answer #10

Obama is a muslum. If he wins, he will raise the gas prices. McCAIN!!!

Answer #11

barrac dude all the way who want a talkin testacle head dude on stage representing our country

Answer #12

Obama ♥

Answer #13

As for me, I definately want Barrack Obama to win the election. Because he’s muslim, doesn’t mean he is going to raise gas prices, that’s just racist. As for the middle class, Barrack Obama stands for us ;]. The middle class has become a minority, I mean come on. Think about this. John McCain has agreed with most of President Bush’s decisions. And in my book, that is a big NONO. I believe Obama will bring great change to our country, and that is exactly what we need. Under John McCain, it will be just greater problems. Let alone, John McCain is 72. the average man lives to 76. that’s what, one term?. & Honestly, as much as I would love for a female to be in office, Sarah Palin isn’t ready for presidency. She’s like a walking tape recorder. All of her answers and speeches seem rehearsed. I’m not saying that McCain will pass away or not live past 76, but he’s Old. bottom line. In the debates,He gets side track and seems to not know what he’s talking about, it even seems like he is CONSTANTLY attacking Barrack Obama, not answering the question. This isn’t High school, It’s a presidential election. & Yeah he says he speaks for “Joe The Plumber”, but seriously. Small businesses & the middle class Are “Joe The Plumber”! But he says not to help out businesses & the middle class? Contradicting himself a bit huh.I’m all for the Military, and before I had my daughter, the Marine Corps was where I wanted to be, But right now the 10 billion that we’re spending in Iraq, we need here. Our troops need to come home already, what needed to be done has been done with. Are we just aimlessly staying there?Barrack Obama has plans to bring our loved ones home. Agh. I have so much more to say. But I’m not going to be insulting and vicious as most people on here have been.So As For Me, Barrack Obama All the Way ;]

Answer #14

I accept Barrack Obama is our president elect. But no matter what he does, our country is going down. PERIOD. He’ll make a good president but what happens when we withdraws troops (Is that going to happen? Maybe) And what about all those programs he wants to create, slap on a trillion dollars, yeah were good to go. Our country is already in debt, how are we going to support the banks and loan companies? Middle Class? Yeah I’m middle class, but what would Barrack Obama know about middle class. He grew in a state (Hawaii) that cost an arm an leg to live in, he went to a school (Punahou) that you have to literally rob a few banks across the nation to get into and stay in. Really I was rooting for McCain but the biggest mistake of his campaign was pick Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

Time for change, huh?


Answer #15

well either way country is going down… with obama it will go down faster… he doesn’t want us to be able to portect ourselves in our own homes so if someone trys to kill you your stuck cause he wants to take away the privilage of home securtity and protecting yourself so I have to say McCain…

Answer #16

Obama is NOT gunna raise gas prices! AND McCain wants to send more people to Iraq!

I want Obama to win fer sure, his morals seem better.

and alkknows is like my hero!

Answer #17

okay so his morals seems better, but are they really? I mean Ive told this before, all that weirdos got going for him is that hes got the fire in his voice. but hey what do I know? I mean, I think im sayin somethin here considerinthat if that guy (obama) wins then were not going to be a free country anymore! WE WILL BE COMMUNISTS!!! so if it wasnt obvious I`ve joined THE MCCAIN CAMPAIGN!

Answer #18


Answer #19

Obama! :)

Answer #20

i <3 Obama.

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