Should I tell my Mom I might be pregnant?

I might be pregnant but my mom dont know I just let her know today that im not a virgin and she’s telling me she’s going to put me on the shot so I wont get pregnant but what if I am pregnant and she puts me the shot then there wont be nomore baby :( and I dont want that, should I tell her that I might be pregnant??

Answer #1

If you’re already pregnant the shot won’t hurt the baby, but it’s advisable to not take chances as it’s something that hasn’t been fully studied.

It’s wise to get a pregnancy test ASAP (you don’t want to yell FIRE when there isn’t one…) Then if you have positive results tell your mom, if not take it as a lesson well learned and get on the shot.

xox Sika

Answer #2

Your mother can not FORCE you to get the shot. It is against the law. Try a pregnancy test first, then in a few weeks to make sure you are not, if the first one is negative. Then, you can decide on what form of contraception you wish to use.

Answer #3

Like everybody else is saying take a pregnancy test first then if you are tell your mom, because you are going to need to go to the doctor..and start on the prenatal vitamins. But if not I would go with the shot

Answer #4

If your relationship is good, then that is the best if you are open and honest.

Answer #5

yes, she going to find out sooner or later. right

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