How to tell my Mom I might be pregnant?

how to tell my mom im pregnant by my 19 year old boyfriend when im 14

Answer #1

First of all, does your mom know your boyfriend’s age? I don’t mean to offend when I say that your boyfriend may not be mentally stable if he is having sex.. unprotected sex at that, with a 14 year old. You have got to tell your mom that you might be pregnant so she can take you to the doctor, and you also need to tell her your boyfriend’s age. Everything will be fine if your mom knows his age, and gave you permission to date him, AND have sexual relations with him. But sweetie, if your mom wanted to, she could press charges on him for statutory rape.
But regardless of what is going to happen to him in the end, your health is more important, and also your potential baby’s health. You HAVE to see a doctor as soon as possible. I’m telling you right now, your mother WILL be mad, and she WILL be upset. But in the long run, she’s going to be the one helping you raise this child, and she will be the only one standing beside you. She won’t be mad forever.

Answer #2

Your still a teenager what are you doing? You have years to have a child. You need to have fun. O.k. I was 16 when I got pregnet. Tell your mom. Shell understand. It may take a while but do it. She’ll be the only one standing beside you in the end. Sit her down and tell her. Believe me she probably already nos.

Answer #3

Tell her now. She is partly to blame. If she was any kind of a mother she would have known where you were and who you were with. Most children who have a good upbringing know not to get pregnant. I feel sorry for you, you are just a child yourself!

Answer #4

she may be mad at first but then she will be like yay im a grandma :) but why do people even want to have sex at 13 and 14 for the baby or pleasure?

Answer #5

talk to 14 year olds lolo01 and natalie95. Don’t pay attention to bojanasimon’s “May God help u” crap. People will do that, from time to time. try not to have sex again, though, ok? good luck.

Answer #6

I really can not believe these kind of stuff are acctually happening, 14, even 13 year-old kids get pregnant? speachless, don’t know what to say, really, may God help u

Answer #7

wow thats statutory rape did you no that ??but ay tell you mum she’ll be pissed at first but she’ll get over it; and its better that she finds out now and by you then someone else..

Best of luck =]

Answer #8

umm okii your 14 you should not be with a guy thats 19 made 16 17 the most like thats not good but you have to tell your mom if you really think you are but unless your mom said it was oki to date your boy at that age then he’s going to get charged

Answer #9

first of all your boyfriend is way to old by law he can go to jail for being a pedofile second of all yay baby their cute but a lot to take care of I think you should just tell your mom that you have something to say that you dont want her to judge you for or if you cant say it to her face because its so important its kinda I scard way but write a note and go visit someone come home a few hours later when your shure she read it that way she would of dealt with the shock and cooled down before telling you what she thought that way she dosnt blow up

Answer #10

fun mail me.

kindda got the same problem

Answer #11

just tell her babes :) she will understand


Answer #12

I was 16 when I was prego my moms didnt get mad

Answer #13

oh geeze, that sucks just tell her she’ll be mad at first but she will have to get over it.

Answer #14

well she would rather that you tell her than to find out from someone else

Answer #15

Thats statutory rape, and he could end up in jail!

Answer #16

please go ahead and tell her. she is going to be pissed. but its better to get it out of the way.

Answer #17

wow…good luck

Answer #18

fun mail me kindda got the same problem

Answer #19

Wow. I’m speechless.

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