How do I tell my Mom I might be pregnant?

im 14 and I might be pregnant how to tell my mom

Answer #1

Make sure your pregnant befor saying nething. Once your sure the easy way may be to act sick then when you go to the doctor he/she will inform you and your mom. That way you avoid confronting your mom. FunMail me how it all turns out.

Answer #2

Be straight out.Do not lie because then its harder to tell.She may be mad BUT she will however be happy you told her.Face her.tell the truth,and mayby she can get you some help.

Answer #3

sit her down and tell her…she might be pissed at you but you made a mistake and she’ll be happy you told her…you/ she might cry but thats just part of the prosses. Tell me how it turns out.

Answer #4

Be honest… thats the first thing because in the long run your mom will respect you more and you’ll respect yourself. Just sit her down and explain the situation because honestly she may be mad at first but she is your mom and she will love you no matter what you do

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