Does my Doctor have to tell my mom?

I might be pregnant, and I have an appointment coming up with a doctor for a ‘check up.’
I’m 17 years old. 18 in june. I’m gunna have my mom wait in the waiting room for me. When I tell the doc that I think that I’m preg, he/she will test me, and IF I am, WILL he/she have to tell my mom, or is it up to me to tell her?

Answer #1

take a test yourself, then if its correct then tell the doctor if its not don’t mention anything about it it’ll be less embarrasing! fun mail me good luck

Answer #2

The doctor will most likely leave it up to you, but if you are pregnant and you don’t do any follow-up appointments, don’t be surprised if he tells your parents.

EDIT: This goes if you happen to be considered a minor where you are…where I am, 16 is an age of majority for patient confidentiality.

Answer #3

I dont think there allowed tell because its ment to be confidental.mayb tell dem urself 1st?xx

Answer #4

no I do not think he will tell your mom because it is not his bussiness to tell other privacy unless you say it is ok. it will be between just the two of you.

Answer #5

she is 17 therefore she has the rights to see the paperwork. just tell your mom whats going on. then if your not pregnant maybe she will be understanding and help you get birth control. she will be mad but mothers are mothers and love you even when you make mistakes.

Answer #6

No its called doctor/patient confidentiality so no he can tsay anything if you chose not to. but its not something you can keep secret for long so if you are you may consider letting him break the news. GOOD LUCK

Answer #7

It’s your choice to tell your mom, not the doctors’. He legally has to keep it confidential.

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