Shaving without telling mom

Is it a bad idea to be shaving your legs and wearing deodorant with out telling or asking your mom?

Answer #1

some mothers are weird about this… mine didnt let me shave… I think they some how connect it to sex or something… have you actually discussed this with your mom?

uhm, lying to your mom is rarely a good idea, but I mean it is relatively harmless…

as for the deodorant thing, that’s just odd, why would she have an issue with that?

Answer #2

I’m sure it’s fine. besides..everyone needs deodorant!! (: I guess as long as you know how to work a razor correctly, why not?

I mean it is your body and if you feel it needs cleaned up..have at it!!

Answer #3

Why would any mother mind if her daughter starts wearing deodorant or shaving legs? It’s part of growing up and it’s personal grooming. If you really think this is a big issue, then just tell her you’re ready, and that any advice she has would be welcome.

Answer #4

Tell her that your growing up and things change and she should understand,she also was your age once.


Answer #5

Just talk to her about it. She will understand. She was a young girl once too ya know.

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