How can you tell if razor burn is razor burn and not herpes?

Well, I shave about 2 times a week, and I get razor burn, they look like little red bumps, I sometimes get a pimple down there. But thats it. It never breaks or anything. So how can I tell if its herpes or just razor burn?

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Yea it's not blisters or anything like that. They don't hurt. It doesn't really even itch.

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Herpes is very disctinct. It may start out 'rash like' and itchy...but turns into blisters...if you are worried about it, tho...your Dr. can test you.


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Go to a gyno!
Get tested!
It could be nothing just bad razor bumps but it wont hurt to make sure :)

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Aren't herpes related to genetics or an STD/STI?

It's possible your skin is just irritated, try using a different shaving gel/cream and change your razor?

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