How can I be able to see my child?

my childs mother is playing games with my child all i want to do is spend time with my child all i can do is think about her i just wanna kill my self

Answer #1

Be patient with her mother. Find a more peaceful way to be able to see your child. You have the right but exercise it in a pleasant way so that the mother won’t be able to find excuse not to let you see the child. :)

Answer #2

well ask if you can spend time with the child alone and not with her. She should understand that you need time together to.

Answer #3

Dear kingofkings86, Well it doesn’t sound like you really want to kill be very careful using terms such as this. When we over exaggerate we are taken seriously and in this case if you’ve said this to the mother it is no wonder she won’t let you see the child. If you really do feel this way then I suggest you call and meet with a counsellor ASAP. You need to be in a better frame of mind before you can be responsible for your daughter. If you have an tendency to exaggerate then start rephrasing things to give a better picture of what you want and sit with the mother and work out some visiting times. If this fails you have legal rights and can work it out with a mediator before taking it to court. Learn what your rights are and start being proactive. Sue..good luck

Answer #4

You need to sit down and have a heart to heart with her. She might be nervous that you are going to run off with your child. Nothing against you, but that happens sometimes. Or she may be afraid that you are going to badmouth her to your child. Just calmly explain that if she is worried about these things, you are not going to do that. (Then make sure you dont). Let her know you both love your child, and even though you are not together, you can be friends enough to raise your daughter to be a wonderful person. Good luck. :)

Answer #5

you could always go to court and get a court order to see your child. that way you have it in writting that you have a legal right to see her. she won’t be able to stop you then.

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