When you adopt a child can the birth mother let him live with her?

I adopted my grandaughters’ brother & sister. The natural mother asked if she could just have contact. During that contact she told the 11 yr old boy that she was trying hard to get them back. Now the 11 boy and 15 yr old girl want to live with their mother. Can I let them go live with the mother when her paternal rights have been terminated?

Answer #1

well we barely have any information to make give good advice, but…

im recall you said her rights were terminated. whatever the reason is, if she is a bad parent, or not, somehow they were actually taken unfairly from her, FOR NOW…obey the law.

or else, she wont EVER get them back.

if her rights have been terminated, I dont think she is even supposed to have contact or at all…live with them. but then again, I dont know.

I say just follow the law for now, and if the protectional agencies allow her to have her kids back, they wont give them to her if they find out such information.

talk to her and tell her to be patient.

in the end only you know whats right and what to do in such a situation.

hope I helped.

Answer #2

Answer is…

No, Her rights have been terminated. You have custody over the children. Even if she improves herself and is deemed a fit parent most likely she won’t get them back, thats why you have custody over them in the first place. By law the only parties that can modify who get the custody over the children are public child services agency, a private child-placing agency, Job and Family services, any parent of the child whose rights have not been terminated.

If the case is you wanting to give them back with her rights terminated then in my opinion, why not give it a try?

Answer #3

Could you let them live with her, maybe? You’d probably want to run it by a lawyer, but I dont see why not. If a mother can allow a child to live with an uncle or aunt, I dont see why this would be a problem.

Answer #4

I think you should get more involved in this situation an try to figure out exactly what she is trying to do. Depending on the circumstance on why she lost custody court may not even allow her to get them back.

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