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Should I kick my 23-year-old daughter out?

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My daughter is 23 and still living at home, we are very frustrated with her and how she is living her life. She does have a full time job as a Dental Assistant, making very little to support herself. She pays no rent and we cover her car insurance and phone in which she pays us back. The problem is, I feel she has no respect for our home, she maybe spends 2-3 nights out of the week at home and the rest God knows where, we have trouble getting her to pay her bills to us in a timely manner. I feel she has no regard for our home and rules, she does nothing at all to help around the house, claiming that since she does nothing to mess up the house she feels she shouldn't have to help, and she does very little to even keep up her own room. I'm having trouble as the mother in taking the step to permonantly throw her out. I can't even have a reasonable conversation with her without getting very angry and upset. I've kick her out one time in the past and let her come back. She was only out for 1 week with no place to go. She accuses us of trying to control her life and her decisions and all I do is criticize and nag her. I feel I'm dealing with a rebellious teenager. She is doing everything opposite of what we taught her. God, I would like to know what happened in the past year or two. Her father won't even speak to her and hasn't for almost a month and won't speak to her until she does something more positive with her life. He claims that we have done everything as parents and gave her the resources to save and start life with a better advantage then most. Why is she turning all this down only to make life more difficult for herself, all she had to do was follow some simple rules of the house. I don't remember her being like this only in the past year. I don't know what to do, I'm afraid of the choices she will make will not be right for her. For me what's worse her living in our house by her rules or my sadness and heartbreak of maybe what will happen to her if she is out my house. I'm have a dilemma of what is worse her making insane at home or finding myself heartbroken and crying all the time that she is not at home safe and sound. I love her so much. Does anyone have any advice for me?
The always feeling guilty mother