How do I deal with my 23 year old who want to have her way ?

she is a good student, has one more semester to get her bachelors. However since she met these guy 1 1/2 years ago she has changed. she is now an atheist, she no longer wants to go by rules, boundaries or compromises. she is stays away for at least 3-5 nights in role without telling me of her whereabouts. is not willing to negotiable, have a set schedule or compromise. her way only and no other way. I can’t live like that .family is no longer a priority for her. I am a parent with a 19 yr old living with me too.

Answer #1

If you are supporting her than you do have some leverage.

Your money, your house, your rules. If she isn’t willing to follow them than she should get a job, move out and support herself. A lot of kids are willing to go it alone to get their freedom though so don’t be surprised if your rules drive her away.

Answer #2

Heaven forbid, not an atheist. Gasp.

She’s 23 years old. The only rules, boundaries, or compromises she is obligated to go by are her own. She does not owe you a schedule, nor does she owe you any compromises.

For the record, neither does your 19-year-old.

Answer #3

absolutly agree I got kicked out at 18, I have a nice home with a loving mate now. Sure, it was really hard at first but thing straightened out for me, just make sure to keep tabs on her like a good mom and let her live her life now^ ^ youve done all that you can as a mom now.

Answer #4

You did your job. You got her to 18, now kick her out since she doesn’t follow your rules. Let her sink or float on her own.

Answer #5

lol, She’s an atheist now? How can you have a God forsaking heathen in your house?

Alright, back to the actual point, it’s your house. Tell her she either follows the rules or she gets out. She is an adult, and since you say she’s doing well in school, the behavior isnt that out of the ordinary. You realize she’s not 16 right? People dont go get corrupted at 22. However, if it is disrupting your house, well then the solution is simple enough. Also, how exactly is she paying for stuff? People with jobs and classes dont usually have time to go do whatever. If you’re supporting her, well that’s perhaps the easiest way. Just stop giving her money.

Answer #6

She’s an adult, and has been one for 5 years.. it’s time for her to grow up and start being more responsible. You allowing her to act the way she’s acting is making it harder for her to straighten up. The best you can do is kick her out (or threaten to kick her out). She’s not going to get better if there’s no reason for her to. My brother’s also 23, he has two kids, no job, drinks and smokes pot.. He lived off my dad, and my dad didn’t have it in him to kick him out until he got fed up.. Once he did, my brother straightened up and is doing well. It’s hard, but it’s what you have to do for your daughter.

Answer #7

I agree with zudano

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