Should I dye my hair black blond or not dye it?

Should I dye my hair black blond or not dye it

Answer #1

Some info: Although do-it-yourself highlights and hair-color kits are easy and inexpensive, the results are almost always not in your best interest. Get a recommendation for a good stylist and consult with him or her (as well as your parents!) before you decide to change your hair color. There are infinite shades of “blonde,” “red,” “brown,” or even “black.” A stylist can help you pick the best one for your skin tone. Also, your current hair-color might react to certain dyes.

Answer #2

lol, well most mothers would. How about a compromise and a temp dye job? (like something that will only last a couple of washes?)

Answer #3

well my hair is already dyed and I really want blue streaks and my mother wont let me

Answer #4

dont dye it at all I rekon because dye recks your hair and looks really fake

Answer #5

but thats hard because I want blue hair but my mom said no

Answer #6

whatever you’re comftorable with

Answer #7

me to thats what I want but mom says no im already getting my hair jet black now I just need the BLUE!!!

Answer #8

but I want permanent blue streaks lol

Answer #9

Then go to the salon and get the blue. The blue streaks will be hard to get after dyeing your hair jet black..

Answer #10

I think your hair would look cool jet black with blue highlights

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