How can I dye black dyed hair blonde?

I have black hair because I dye it, my natural colour is brown, how can I get it barbie blonde?:p

Answer #1

Go to a professional salon. It’s sooo incredibly damaging to go blonde and salons have better products that protect your hair better. The experts will know just what to do with your hair so it isn’t damaged too badly.

Answer #2

You would have to blech it and even then it may not come out the color you want.

Answer #3

Bleaching strips all Pigment from you’re hair, It is SERIOUSLY not good for it though. It strips the proteins as well because ANY bleach is abrasive. It will allow youto re colour it but You better make sure you really want the color because you have to live with it for a few months as the bleaching can’t be done a lot. You need to rebuild the proteins up in the hair again which takes a while. Be careful.

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