Can I dye blond human hair extentions blue?

I have black hair with chunks of blue in it. But my hair extentions are black. if I was to buy human blond extention would I also be bale to dye htem blue without going green?

Answer #1

yes. but you need to make the hair blonde first. or dye it more then once.

Answer #2

Yeah if its human hair of course you can. Buy paintbox hair dye, I’ve found its the best out of them all and they have a few shades of blue.

Answer #3

yes, you CAN dye them blue without them going green but only if the hair is very very blonde-almost white even if the hair is yellowy blonde, or has any yellow colour in it they will turn green because yellow and blue make green but as long as there light blonde they will come out blue

Answer #4

like any outher hair yes it would go green. sorry to tell you.

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