Can I dye peroxide blonde hair black?

can I dye my hair black if it is peroxide blonde..or shud I dye it red first then black

Answer #1

It’s certainly possible, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. Peroxide is extremely harsh on hair, and so is black dye. You’re going to REALLY damage your hair.

Answer #2

yer I think you should dye it red ..then black ..not straight away black other wise it might come out some really horrible colour!!! hehe

Answer #3

umm all peroxide will do is dry your hair out a little, make sure you use a deep conditioner, and also black dye is the safest of all hair dyes to use.

Answer #4

I’ve dyed my hair black after bleaching and it turned out okay… one of my friends did the same, and it went green! I guess it just depends how blonde it is. You’ve also got to be careful using too many harsh chemicals in your hair, as it can cause your hair to fall out.

Might be best to go for a chestnut brown first and then go black. Even better, go to a salon and get a hairdresser to do it- it may be a bit more expensive, but they’re trained to make it look good.

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