How to dye my hair blonde from black?

I want to die my hair blonde what wud b the easyiest way ???

Answer #1

Because your hair is so dark ~ you’re guaranteed to go orange. As a brunette, I know my hair carries A LOT of red in it.

You would almost have to strip your hair from its color, and then dye over… and even that isn’t a guarantee. This would be best for a professional to do as they can combine the right dyes to ensure you don’t become a redhead

Answer #2

well just like die it lighter and light so its like orange and then put in the blonde but don’t go straight to blonde or it will look really ugly

Answer #3

go to a hair dressers and make them do it ^-^

Answer #4

using the bleach type

Answer #5

bleach it..I know it terrible for your hair but if you do it once and then get your desired color then you wint have to do it that often if you take care of it…

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