Do you say 'search' or 'hands off the turban' ?

Since the terrible events of September 11, 2001, the need for additional screening at airports has become apparent. Yet now, some are complaining of ‘racial profiling’ because of a new policy of screening turbans at airports. The point here is simple: if you can hide explosives in a shoe, you can certainly hide them in a turban - do you say ‘search’ or ‘hands off the turban’ ?

Answer #1

I would say Search.They should screen the whol body,And not causse too much attention to the turban,Because of Emotions it may disrupt.Though the guards SHOULD check the turban,they should not make it obvious that it is the main thing they want to check.That Sort of Makes it Seem More Biased Against those who ear them

Answer #2

I would say search. And no, I dont think that this is racial profiling, I think its searching a large bundled object which happens to be on top of someones head and could easily be used to conceal a weapon, bomb, etc. More than one race of people wear turbans. Any large bundled cloth, bag, clothing, etc should be searched, this has nothing to do with profiling and everything to do with keeping everyone safe.

Answer #3

Update: 10/17/07

The TSA - those wonderful folks at the airport who make the nation’s skies safe from toothpaste, grannies in wheelchairs and tots in strollers - has forsaken security for political correctness. This just in from the Associated Press:

“Air passengers will no longer have to remove bulky headwear such as turbans at screening checkpoints if doing so makes them uncomfortable. A revised federal guideline, effective Oct. 27, gives airport screeners the option to pat down headwear at the metal detector if a passenger does not want to remove it for personal reasons.”

…wonder if I can claim ‘I don’t want to remove my shoes for personal reasons’…

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