people continue to say that the United States is the Melting Pot

Why do people continue to say that the United States is the “Melting Pot of the world”?

The reason why I ask this question is because they are indeed wrong. The Melting Pot theory within itself is a racist concept. The actual melting pot theory says that blacks and Latinos can never be part of the melting pot. It also says that if they were to be part of the melting pot they would have to leave behind their culture and physical characteristics. I.e. Robert Park and Israel Zangwill. Please learn about Robert Park and his Melting Pot Theory and Israel Zangwills play entitled “The Melting Pot” before responding to my question.

Answer #1

This sounds like an essay question for school…telling us to read up on specific things before answering…wouldn’t that mold our answers?

Answer #2

no because I am asking you to actually know what the melting pot is before you answer. The two readings are the actual two definitions of what the melting pot is. The melting pot is not a pharse it is an actual theory. People have just ran with it, without knowing what it is or was. Similar to how people run with the idea of global warming and apply it when it is hot outside because it says “warming”, when it actually casues some places to get colder

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