Why this tv host was suspended for saying what he thinks?

why this tv host from espn was suspended only for commenting a female sports anchor's apperarance, I mean there is no freedoom of speech if somebody say something about anything is going to be punished only for saying what he thinks, is not fair what do you think.

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Everyone seems to misunderstand what freedom of speech means. It means the GOVERNMENT cannot stop you from voicing your opinion in certain things (unless of course you are inciting violence or causing panic). That does not mean that there are no consequences for things you say. If a professor stood in class and voiced racist remarks, you bet your butt that professor would be fired. If a tv host makes a sexist comment, same thing goes. Sorry, you cannot speak whatever you want without consequences. That's not how life works.

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As Ty said, freedom of speech is a restriction placed on the government, meaning the government can't restrict speech. This guy could go out on the street and say what ever he wants to anyone who will listen. That doesn't mean his employer has to accept it. They have every right to expect proper behavior from their on-air commentators.

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