Is there a law in Colorado saying that you can't hug a teenager for a long time?

This lady that is working with my dad on something gave him this papper that has rules and one of those rules said that he can’t hug me for a long time. My dad asked about it and she told him that it was a law in colorado and that he had to follow it for some time, she also made this other that say he can’t buy me nothing and so on. I try searching for them but nothing came up really. So are they really laws? And what situations do they apply to?

Answer #1

No, that is (pardon my language) the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.

Answer #2

What the crap?!

Answer #3

No, most definately not!

Answer #4

WTF? I think she’s either psycho or making fun of him. Or she read a law book from 1736 AD.

I mean, it’s Colorado, not Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia (where married people aren’t allowed to kiss in public).

And your dad is most probably NOT a convicted sex offender (those ppl might be obliged to stay away from teenagers but normal folks sure aren’t).

Answer #5

Heck NO!!!!!!!!!! My cousin Alidia is from Colorado and there are NO laws that say that crap. I think that Lady is just trying to set your dad up for something. My friend Parker’s mom met this guy about two days ago and he is doing this same thing. I think he just wants your dad to stop caring about you. It is happening to Parker and his younger sister Paige.

Answer #6

If I were your father, I’d get legal representation … it sounds like this woman is trying to set him up.

Answer #7

This is why I don’t answer questions that seem like they have an obvious answer because there’s ALWAYS a background story. Which for some reason no one likes to provide. Given your current situation, there are probably rules and guidelines that he needs to follow. There’s obviously no law that talks about length of hugging time. But your parents are going to have to figure out sooner or later that if they would simply cooperate and follow certain guidelines, it would make things a lot easier. This lady is not out to get you or your parents. Believe me, they have better things to do with their time than pick a vendetta against your parents.

Answer #8

And given that in all likelihood he does have legal representation, perhaps that would be his best bet of answering this question. Given that his legal representation not only knows the laws (unlike the rest of us lay people), but also the situation.

Answer #9


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