Curling hair ?

Hmm, im having a school dance this friday, .. & I wanna curl my hair … but like I want it to actually stayy for the whole dayy .. How can I make this happen ?

I have mousse, and a curler .. What do I do first tho ? HELPPP ! ..

I want to do the style ..; like when you leave your bangs out .. then curl the rest ..

Answer #1

you should get some foam rollers. they are very cheap and sold just about everywhere. spray your hair with some curl activating spray or a light mist of hairspray. put the curlers in overnight. in the morning flip your head over and finger comb your hair and mist with a light hair spray.

Answer #2

You should really get a good hair spray, moose isnt the best for curling unless you watn to scrunchy your hair which I used to do but that gives you wavy hari not curles..

Answer #3

I curl my hair all the time.. I would just get out of the shower, scrunch it with mousse & then straighten the bangs

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