Hair mousse ?

Okhayy .. so I seee girls that have like these shinyy hair that looks I dont know .. wet & damp kinda .. like they juss showered .. & they use mousse .. & their hair is curly..

true talks, how the hell do you use mousse ? I have the ‘curls & shine’ one from Fructis ..

So like I want my hair to be curly .. is that how the mousse works ? like I know you scrunch it all over your hair after a shower when your hair is damp .. but how do you make it curlyy ? does it curl by itself after ? do you have to blow dry or something ??? :S

im confused .. wanna help me =) Thanksss !!

Answer #1

I have naturally straight hair .

Answer #2

Does your hair have any natural curl or do you have a perm?

Answer #3

when you do that just scrunch it all and den after you put mousse in it put hair spray in it as well dta will help it stay and get curly =]]

Answer #4

ok yea what you do iz aftr you get out of the shower when your hairz still damp put a lot of mousse are gel al over then what I usly do iz rap my hair ina towel 4 like a kuple min then tak it off and start scrunchin my hair up towardz my scalp with my handz and when I get it da way I want it I hairspray it and datz it

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