Straightening and scrunching hair

For straightening my hair to takes a pretty long time .. Is there any “products” or tips that can make it go faster and look better?

For scrunching my hair it doesnt take long at all but it doesnt seem to stay for more than five hours. Is that normal? Or should I use more gel? Would mousse work better? Or should I use both? Wut should I use for it?

Answer #1

I don’t know about the straightening but I always scrunch my hair and I use gel hairspray and mousse and let it sit in a bun and blow dry it while its in a bun so it stays then take the bun out and its perfect!!! good luck

Answer #2

I use wet to straight hair staightner by remington. & heat protecting spray made by herbal essance. And after I use the pin straight hair spray by herbal essance.

Answer #3

blowdry your hair straight with a round barrel brush after washing. invest in a decent straightener. I use the revelon stylix from walmart. it’s around $30 and it works great. next time you get a trim, ask your stylist for tips. he or she will be able to give you better advice since they can feel your hair texture.

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