When using mousse, do you put it in wet hair or dry hair?

If you put it in wet hair do you blow dry and then use the curling iron/straightener? (for curls/waves) Or if you put it in dry hair can you go straight to curling/waving? I NEED HELP! all i want is to know how to use mousse to hold my curls/wave longer throughout the day because my hair is very thick and i want to prevent the curls/waves from falling

Answer #1

You usually put it in wet or damp hair. If you put it in dry hair it can just make your hair feel weird and feel kind of crunchy. You should use the mousse before putting any heating products on it while its wet or damp for you to get best results. Mousse also works better when using a blowdryer. You can also use hairspray to help hold your curls

Answer #2

does it matter if you put the mousse before the heat protectant products?

Answer #3

It doesn’t matter. You could always try and see which gives you best results

Answer #4

wet or damp, not dry cuz it may get greasy

Answer #5

If you are using it to curl your hair, use it on dry hair that hasnt been washed for at least one day. It holds better. I used to have to curl my hair all the time for dancing and if I tried to curl it when it was wet, it never worked.

Answer #6

which combo do you think is best to use that does not make the hair greasy?

mousse + sea mist


mousse + hairspray

Answer #7

What do you think of using mousse, and heat protectant when the hair is wet and then blow drying the hair? Do you think it will become greasy? AFTER the hair is dried, curls/waves will be processed throughout the head by using curling iron/straightener and to finish off.. a little bit of hair spray. Do you think this hairstyle(s) will stay in for school as well as looking non- greasy/oily?

Answer #8


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