How do you make videos of your computer screen, instead of screen shots?

You know how some people make instructional videos, and it shows their computer screen, what they click on, what they type, etc…? How do you do that?

I know how to take screen shots, just not the videos. :[

Answer #1

Well you could use Hypercam 2 I think it’s called but you will have something in the top left corner saying “Unregistered Hypercam”

Answer #2

you can use screen capture programs.. and it will record what you are doing on your computer.. CamStudio is open source so its free to download and it will do what you want it to or camstudioDOTorg

Answer #3

Is that what most people use? I don’t know what that is… :/

Answer #4

the most well liked free screen recording programme is camstudio or the 1 i used to like was debut video capture but they lack editing oprtions. never used the 1 ryan said so i cant make any comment

but youll always lack great editing options from free screen recording software:

or done today:

i used camtasia for these.

Answer #5

Is camtasia free?

Answer #6

no, aboud £230 which is $360

Answer #7

ok ive had a look and it looks like hypercam can zoom in on areas of the screen but it looks like an instant zoom… i prefer a few seconds for it to zoom so you can actually see where im going with it.

i might be wrong, ryan might know.

Answer #8

Cam studio is an alright capture program, and as a plus it is Open Source and Free ( as in beer and as freedom) camstudio. org/

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