Is It Safe To Go Out If You Have Bruised/Fractured Ribs?

Even If The Doctors Tell You To ‘Rest’ & You’ve Been Laying In Bed Doing NOTHING For Two Days?

Answer #1

If the doc said rest, its best u rest, the longer ur active the longer it will take to heal

Answer #2

Your not doing nothing, you are resting your body so your not putting to much pressure and stress on your ribs making it easier to let your body heal the bruises and fractures. You could read, watch the tele, or play some video games, as long as you are not in a posture that would put any stress or tension on your ribs.

Answer #3

I agree with imlonely ‘if the doc said rest,its best u rest” bt that doesn’t mean you should lay on your bed untill u’re feeling better,it simply means you should avoid doing anything that will further any harm.Going out depends on where you intend to go,if it’s some place that requires you standing for long then thats not safe bt if its to jst sit out for a while,then i think there’s no harm in that.

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