whats the best way to get like bruises to go away?

my friend said just cover them but i want them to go away

Answer #1

Time…You cant really make bruises go away, its caused by broken blood vessels under the skin and you have to give it time to heal. Use makeup, band-aids, etc to cover them up in the mean time.

Answer #2

my mom once told me to put a spoon in the frezzer for a couple of hours then put the back part of the spoon on the bruises and eventually they will go away. it worked for me. maybe it can work for you. :D

Answer #3

the spoon workd even if its quite badly bruised?

Answer #4

i dont kno about badly bruised. i kno it works on hickys and light bruises. it never hurts to try. good luck :DD

Answer #5

You can’t just make them go away it takes time but if you wanna cover it idk maybe use a good foundation/cover up.

Answer #6

arnaca cream helps alot

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