What is this pain between my ribs that wont go away?

I have this pain like between my ribs or something I dont even know if there is a in between but its like this tight thing that keeps coming and it hurts really badly.

Answer #1

I get this sometimes. It feels like sharp pain (like someone is stabbing me) for a few seconds, then it goes away. Sometimes it hurts to breathe in and out. I went to the doctor and they said it’s probably muscular spasms around my chest, nothing to worry about apparently.

Answer #2

I get some really weird pain in my chest it’s quite a stabbing feeling, believe me I’m not a doctor anything but I thought it was an allergic reaction to my cervical cancer jabs that I had ;o you should check with a doctor though ;/ I got creeped out / still do when I get the pain, but I still haven’t got it checked out. xoxo

Answer #3

Could be air bubbles or gas that is trapped.

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