Is sacrification one of the requirements to love God?

Answer #1

B.C you usually did sacrifices to please Gods, whatever God you worshipped. But its only done in certain religions now. Its not really stating you love God, only that its a gift.

Answer #2

It’s nothing to do with love, it is asking for forgiveness, to show that you are loyal to them and to please your god.

Answer #3

its one of the requirements to follow gods order;this is life we follow who have the power;but why we will not love who deserve love because he gave us this world and help us always;light our ways and tell us about the good way we have to follow

Answer #4

not living things tght

Answer #5

Of course what we sacrifice to him is our time, love, and respect. If we don’t sacrifice this then it is literally impossible to say that we love him

Answer #6

Does it mean we have to pay for what we get even though from our own God?

Answer #7

we cant pay;its more than we can but we have to show respect and love for our god

Answer #8

No. Sacrifice should never be done. One should express him or herself to the upper most. The reason is God can only express itself through us. Expressing oneself is expressing God. So sacrifice is limiting oneself to another for propitiation, no more. That is not expanding oneself to the most. It’s being lesser.

If one did wrong, make up for it, but don’t propitiate.

Answer #9

A true Christian’s Journey is full of sacrifices. Example sacrificing our time to help others. But the Bible also tells us that “obedience is better than sacrifice”. So read God’s Word so u can know what He expects of you and obey it. The sacrifices will automatically happen.

Answer #10

Well, thats kinda a tricky question. If you love God, you’ll want to obey His laws and commands, and He has commanded sacrifice. But, Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. So we now dont have to do the sin offerings, but there are other sacrifices that we should do, like, we can sacrifice our time to help out in a church, or we can sacrifice our money to support a child in Africa, things like that are sacrifices and Im sure that God loves it when we do that :D

Answer #11

puttin urself through pain in sacrifice is in my opinon not a requiremnt to earn love. doing good may be one but not sacrifice.

Answer #12


Answer #13

the answer is no, god expresed His love in Jesus who is the sacrfice. 1st John4:10 “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us,and sent his son to be propitition (sacrifce that satifis) for our sins.” v19: “we love Him becuse he first loved us” Isn’t that great stuff?

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