Does god love stupid people??

Is that why he made so many of them.??

Answer #1

God made everyone - if you feel superior to some, look in the mirror - there but by the Grace of God go you - Be Thankful !!

Answer #2

God loves us all stupid or not wwe are all his children. You shouldn’t say that about him since he will love you and forgive you for your sins.

Answer #3

What about people who cant understands gods truths? If they are severely handicap how do they get loved if they have no understanding of gods truths? Or is that person hanadicap because of a past life sin. I dont get religon I really dont.

Answer #4

Yes, he loves stupid people, as well as smart people, and guess what, we are judged on what we know and understand. What we did with Gods truths.

So, that makes the ground level, at Calvary.

Fair for all.

Answer #5

I think you have the creator and the created backward.

Answer #6

heck ya he does!!! God loves everyone, the good, the bad, the ugly, AND the stupid. in the Bible, God even compares us to sheep,and that we need Him as our shepherd, b/c we are not smart enough to live w/o Him

Answer #7

Rhetorical question ??

Answer #8

god loves every1

Answer #9

Shhh. I don’t think I’d be here if he didn’t.

Answer #10

This would have to be the funiest question I have seen on here. Someone give this man a prize lol…

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