God. got to Love Him!

Well, I’m a Roman Catholic (or so I was baptised one). Lately though, some things have REALLY tested my relationship w/God. This question IS NOT for non-believers or those who practice a different religion.

But…I’ve been scaring myself lately. Some thoughts I’ve been having lately- I’ve NEVER had them before or THOUGHT I’d ever think them! I guess what I’m saying is this…How can I be sure He really IS there and that He loves me? And how can I get closer to Him? I’m SO confused right now, it’s not even funny!

I’m NOT saying I don’t believe in Him, but EVERYTHING seems to be so…well, BAD! and lately, I must confess, I have been doubting. The funny thing IS though, deep down I must believe, because I feel like I’m angering Him just by SAYING this!

Honestly- does this make ANY sense to anyone???

Answer #1

Yes, Honey.. it makes perfect sense… It actually means that you are human !!!

We all go thru this, at times. And the good news is that “This too, shall pass “

You do not have to be afraid, of loosing your mind, or your salvation.

Just dig into the Word, it will feed your faith, and starve your doubts.

It is an opportunity to grow…

And God is not mad at you, or ever afraid of doubts, he can stand the test.

You are not required … to think anything.

It is your privilege to get to know the God of the Universe.

He delights in you.

You are the apple of his eye.

And this goes for every believer, also, the ones that will believe.

And remember, we don’t “have to do anything”

It is our privilege.

God is not a tryant.

He leads… he never pushes.

He is gentle, meek and mild.

That does not mean he is weak… far from it.

Same goes for his children.

We are, as our Heavenly Father, is.

He is our all in all.

Many blessings…

Answer #2

Thank you for your advice. I just really find it so hard to believe with this global warming crap and all the stuff thats happened to me personally. It’s sort of hard to believe there IS a God sometimes. It’s hard to explain.

Answer #3

yes its one of the reasons I became an atheist

I dont know if I will be verbally crucified for saying anything else lol so I wont

Answer #4

it makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve done it before- and then completely erased the thought from my mind. everyone has doubts at some point I’d say. at least most people I’ve talked to have. the important thing is, at the end of the day- you KNOW he’s there, and real. have faith. pray to God, asking him to give it to you.

Answer #5

God is still there and he still loves you. He is just putting obsticles in your life so you can grow and become closer to him. We don’t ever like these times but we need them even more then the good times. Insteed of looking at this in a ‘why are you doin this to me god?’ think of it as a ‘ok god in what way do you want me to grow and how can you help me through this’. I hope I helped you a little. Good luck:)

Answer #6

Great and thoughtful advice above. I’d add to it that before, you were getting by on the faith you’d learnt as a child, and now, rightly, you are having to think things through like an adult. This is essential for your faith, and shouldn’t destroy it. Instead, it should give your faith the chance to become stronger and more mature. God will see you through it if you keep holding on to Him, and asking for His help, even when things seem totally confusing.

Answer #7

Your Q was answered in your Q! Got to Love Him first because He has always loved you! He knew you before you were knit together in your mother’s womb. Silverwings and flossheal have it straight, He is in control, sovereign over everything, and sometimes we feel tested when we are in a spiritual low. Trust the Lord and taste and see that He is Good!

This life will pass, and it is going to get worse in the last days. Although the end IS Glorious.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… James 4:8. Being scared is human and we just need to trust God. Now go out there and fulfill the Great Commission telling everyone of His Good News. Bless you!

Answer #8

I’ve been there 2, but you know what, I’ve learned. I have trusted myself that there is god and he loves me, I completely understand why everything is happening, why I doubted him but now I dont, I love him more than anything, and everything has a purpose and reason. the only thing to get close to him is to pray.

Answer #9

I’m not of any bibical religion, but there comes a time(or times) in which we’re all tested on how much we believe in what we do. You can nver be sure, jusy have faith. Hold fast to what you believe in, you’ll get through it eventually, one way or the other.

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