Rottweilers, would it be a good breed for me?

I was just wondering if anyone has a rottweiler and would it be a good dog for my lifestyle, we have many cats and people in our house, would he be well socialized if I got one?

Answer #1

If you got him as a pup, he’d socialize with the cats as a baby…the cats will train him in the proper behavior around felines…

But you must understand that Rots are high energy, VERY bright and powerful dogs…You must take him to obedience classes, and he needs more “socialization” than just with the people who live in your house. They are also a “dominant breed”…in other words, while always being a fair and consistant Master, you must gain and keep their respect … never letting them think THEY are the leader.


Answer #2

They’re really big and strong. they need a lot of exercise. if you got one, get one as a puppy so you can train them when little

Answer #3

You will have to train your dog to make sure the cats will not be bothered and to help you and your dog you should train your dog to be very good and yes rottweilers make marvelous pets!:)

Answer #4

well I have a small rottweiler she is ok she isn’t mean and she really loves people depends on what size and how the dog acts around people,cats etc… yeah I think so but you would have to see ok

good luck


Answer #5

No way! thats a big dog and since you have many cats it probably will or wont get along with the cats. depends

Answer #6

I have a rottie who is so devoted to her family. I have 5 kids, 4 are from the age of 7 downwards and my kia has never done or even came close to any nasty behaviour towards them. I got my dog from being 8 weeks old and is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever owned. I once had a jack russell who was 4 times as nasty. it depends on how you treat it I.e love, exercise, and basic companionship with the dog. she is also excellent with other dogs even birds who come into the garden. as lobng as you give it the attention animals require and treat it with love you shouldn’t have a problem. females have a much better temperament than males in my oppinion because male rottie’s are much more dominant and try to be pack leader more often than the owner. hope this helps.

Answer #7

In the hands of a responsible owner, a well-trained and socialized Rottweiler can be a reliable, alert dog and a loving companion. However, any poorly trained dog can become a danger in the wrong circumstances. Some people think of a Rottweiler as a mean, vicious dog but those are the Rottweilers that are abused and not treated as they should be. Rottweilers that are loved and cared for can be just as nice as any other dog and in general they are fond of children, very devoted, quick to learn, and eager to please. However, if they are not receiving the mental stimulation they desire, they will find creative and sometimes destructive ways to elicit it. Such behavioral problems as chewing, barking for attention and eating less can be a result of lack of human interaction. The Rottweiler is a good working dog that is also good for protection of children, as well as guard duties.

Train him well, and introduce him quickly to the cats as a puppy- he will learn to behave right. You must NEVER let him think he is in control, or he will end up vicious, and untrained,

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