What would be a good name for my filly?

I’m getting her for Christmas and I need some good names!!she is a year old, light brown and white and paints out on her front and back leg and has a blaze down her face!

Answer #1

Holly. Since you’re getting her for Christmas, it would be a perfect name for her!

Answer #2

I’ve always liked the two-part names for horses. For example Ember Flare or Midnight Illusion. :-) The more creative the better. If I were you I wouldn’t rush into coming up with a name, as you’ll be stuck calling your horse whatever you choose for many, many years to come.

Answer #3

how a bout , arya

Answer #4

daisy that is my horse name

Answer #5

I like the name flare and Blaze!!! Hope this helped!

Answer #6

I don’t know anything about horses, but I would name her Lola :)

Answer #7

adorable! a show name or a barn name?

Answer #8

fudge :)

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