Would like to breed basset hounds

I would like to breed basset hounds where do I go to get a very good quality basset male and female that are not related. And is it better to get them very young or do I wait to get the dog for breeding when they are older I think they have to be around 2 years old before you breed but getting them as a puppy may be better so they grow up together and get use to us before we breed. can anyone help me. I would like to get a show either ckc or akc my bassets I have now are almost 10 and 3 years old and we love them dearly but they both got fixed so that kind of doesnt’ work. we did the responsible thing when we got them.

Answer #1

How about you get a job at an animal shelter? You will then see the overpopulation crisis and hundreds of wonderful animals get killed. You might change your mind.

Answer #2

Before you decide where you want to get your breeding pair…read up on pedigrees to “aquaint” yourself with names and breeders…it doesn’t take long before you’ll start recognizing them in pedigrees…you know…kinda like the bible…who begat who…:)…

When you actually decide on where you want to get them, you’re going to want good health guarentees, OFA’d parents AND grandparents…(and what ever other certificates come with Bassetts, that cover whatever genetic ailments that breed leans towards).

I’d get pups, myself…that’ll give you time to study genetics etc…enhancing the breed, breeding very good pups, healthy in both body and temperment…Sometimes, breeders will “lease” you a b*tch…they take her pups for 1 or 2 litters, but you get an expensive dog in the end, for your own…


Answer #3

Avoid pet shops! Buy from sells so they are family raised not from puppy mills.

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