Who knows a good breed for my first horse ?

So I need help im saving up for a horse but dont now what bread would be a good one .

Answer #1

Woooahhh. I think you need to be more educated on horses before YOU adopt one. And what’s beread or bread? Seriouslyy?? It’s breed. They require a lot! Feeding(Hay or Grass&CLEAN water would be good), Cleaning(Cleaning their stable,Hooves, Bathing, And Brushing), Shelter(A Stable would be nice). However, you CAN’T just keep it in a Stable all day. So, you would need a big open area(with a nice medium sized fence) For it to run around. & Lots of grass there, & If it was bad weathering or at night put it in the stable. But make sure the stable has lots of hay/grass/water. I forgot to mention but you have to keep it’s teeth clean, as well. Horses, Are NOT easy to take care of unless you’ve had a good amount of experience. Horses can get diseases, or get sick easily. They’re medical bill COULD and MOST likely will get pricey. If you can’t provide the following for a horse and you still get one, that would be animal cruelty. I DON’T reccomend you getting a horse, I think you should start off with a SMALL pony and see how that goes for a while, & take it from there. You should do a lot more research on Horses/Pony’s. & YOU go on google and type in something like ‘Easy horse breed to take care of’ Or something like that. dogluver.

Answer #2

Asian-type ponies are hardy and particularly interesting, but I do not know much about breeds in general

Answer #3

There are many good breeds for your first horse…what you want tho, is a horse from ANY breed who is well broke, has a gentle and sensible disposition. You’ll find those qualities in individuals of all breeds of horses.

Breeds that are generally known to be calm and soft are Quarter Horses, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers…they aren’t as ‘hot’ as a Thoroughbred or Arab. (that doesn’t mean ALL of them, just in general).


Answer #4

Tennessee Walking Horses are great.

Answer #5

you mean breed there is no such word as beread, and bread is a food make sure you learn a lot about horses before you get one you need a big property full of grass to keep it a stable or place to shelter it and need to be able to daily afford food and its medical bills if you cant afford to feed it or dont have room to keep it having one would be animal cruelty

Answer #6

black stallion

Answer #7

a black stallion is not a breed. black is a color and a stallion is a male horse. the movie black stallion the horse’s breed is an arabian

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