Is "Romeo and Juliet" Shakespeare's original idea?

I heard that Romeo and Juliet is actually kind of fairy tales originally from Italy?

Answer #1

Shakespeare has been said to take his stories either from folk tales or history. There have even been written stories very similar to his. I think that a big part of his genius isn’t the story itself, but his conveyance of it: he packs so much into the language itself that it hardly matters where he got the story from. In fact, we don’t even know who he is, there are still theories that he was a woman, or a group of people. We can’t really know if any of his stories were his original ideas. Plagiarism was much easier back then. And it’s been said that originality is nothing but undetected plagiarism.

Answer #2

no it is not… if you look into the history of it, it was some other guys idea n he took it nd got all the credit for it

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