capulet quote in romeo and juliet?

in Romeo and Juliet what does Capulet mean by this or what is he saying? “O lamentable day! Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.”

Answer #1

Juliet has died. Romeo is horrified and grief stricken, as the death of his beloved is like the frost killing a beautiful flower in the summer time.

Answer #2

What part is that? That’s Shakespeare for ya.. him and his metaphors.

Answer #3

he’s grieving over his only daughter. there are different ways to interpret this. 1. Death has “covered” her. the untimely (sudden) frost or snow (death) covers the beautiful flower (Juliet) Metaphor

  1. Shes not really dead but sleeping because of the poisin she took. At the end of the play Romeo notices how “alive” she still looks by seeing her cheeks. Her cheeks are still red with life. Maybe Capulet is saying that even though she’s dead she still looks so beautiful like frost on a flower.
  2. Frost can happen in the morning like dew. To some it’s very gentle and yet awakening. He could be saying that death slowly and gently overtook her. She didn’t die in pain.

those are just a few of my own interpretations. hope they make sense

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