Romeo and Juliet newspaper assiment trouble

Im supposed to write a two page newspaper story about what happened to Romeo and Juliet.Be sure to include a headline and information telling Who,What,When Where, and How.If you type the article,be sure to double space.Type size 12.Lol please help me I dont really get it like how to write it.Please help me

Answer #1

1st off only 1 of them has a stab wound and Juliet CAPULET didn’t take the poison Romeo MONTAGUE did in the beauitful city of VERONA ITALY!!! ez8o5, if youre gonna give someone advice read the book!

Answer #2

ez8o5 epic fail please never awnser a question in your life again. Romeo battles Paris, paris falls… Romeo looks at Juliet,sees her dead(irony cause shes not really dead), romeo takes poison, dies, Juliet awakens sees both Romeo and Paris dead, kills herself by stabbing in the midsection.

Answer #3

Romeo Last Name 16 and Juliet Last Name 13 found dead in Juliet Home of “insert city” Police report claims that both Romeo and Juliet had stab wounds, autopsy later shows that Juliet was poisoned…

something a long the lines of that…just get a newspaper and read a murder article and try to copy there style

Answer #4

Thanks :D

Answer #5

hope this helps a little on what its about!

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